instrumental & electronic


chamber ensemble with electronics
fl, cl, hn, 2x perc, hp, 3x vln, 2x vla, 2x vlc, cb, sampler

Berg Orchestra, 27.10.2017, Továrna, Prague

Slovo kaleidoskop měl v roce 1817 poprvé použít skotský fyzik David Brewster, některými zvaný “otec moderní experimentální optiky”. Pojem odvodil ze starořeckého καλός (kalos) - krásný, krása - εἶδος (eidos) - to co je viděno: forma, tvar - a σκοπέω (skopeō) - dívat se, zkoumat. Kaleidoskop lze tedy přeložit jako “pozorování krásných forem.”berg-hejl.jpg

kaleidoscope (live)


kaleidoscope (live)

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Matouš Hejl (*1989) is an author of mostly instrumental and electronic music. He has also been partaking in various film, theater, dance and other performances as well as multimedia projects. As a performer, he makes use of the piano as a sounding object: subtle drones made through repurposing vibrators as mechanic bows for the piano strings merge with amplified noises from the instrument.

He studied at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Recognitions of his work include the 2nd place in the Czech Philharmonics Composition Competition (2018), Trochu nižší C4 (2018), a contemporary music award, Karel Krautgartner Prize for the Best Composition for Jazz Orchestra (2016) or nomination for the Czech Lion for the Best Music (2016).


selected portfolio
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a group of four


cl, ob, vln i, vln ii, vla, vlc, cb, pno, perc


April 2016, Stockhom


"A note about Vollmer. He no longer describes the earth as a library globe or a map that has come alive, as a cosmic eye staring into deep space. This last was his most ambitious fling at imagery. The war has changed the way he sees the earth. The earth is land and water, the dwelling place of mortal men, in elevated dictionary terms. He doesn’t see it anymore (storm-spiraled, sea-bright, breathing heat and haze and color) as an occasion for picturesque language, for easeful play or speculation."

Don DeLillo, Human Moments in World War III

a group of four (live)


a group of four (live)

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lost in munich


film by Petr Zelenka

nominated for the Czech Lion for the best music

Czech Critics Award for the best film


ztracenivmnichoveposter1.jpg zvm_01.jpg ztracenivmnichove_lostinmunich2.jpg




trailer (w original music)

trailer (w original music)

some more music

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13.8.  TBA, Berg Orchestra, Pragovka, Prague

Crossings, premier

7.11.  Czech Philharmonic, Prague, Czech Republic

selected past


15.2. Jozef van Wissem in Soulkostel
with Hans Brusee (NE) and Veronika Svobodová (CZ)
Soulkostel, Vernéřovice, Czech Republic

17.1.  Mraky
Hejl, Tichý, Žárský Trio
Art's Birthday, Prague, Czech Republic / Czech Radio live broadcast


23.10. Kaleidoscope
Berg Orchestra, Olomouc, Czech Republic

12.7. Hejl, Tichý, Stachelhaus, Žárský Q Válclav Havel, Music Essay
Der Leipziger Hörspielsommer, Leipzig, Germany

31.5. Hejl, Rataj, Tichý, Žárský Q
Atrium Žižkov, Prague, Czech Republic

4.4. So klingt die Gegenwart!
Dimmor i Stockholm (piano), Untitled#2 (electronic), Hejl, Tichý, Žárský Trio

Czech Embassy in Berlin, Berlin, Germany

25.3. Vážný zájem - Matouš Hejl
Dimmor i Stockholm (piano), Untitled#2 (electronic), Hejl, Rataj, Tichý, Žárský Q

Střecha Lucerny, Prague, Czech Republic

25.2. Zápisky z volných chvil, premier

alternative theater, DISK Theater, Prague, Czech Republic


16.10. Kaleidoscope, premier

Orchestr Berg, 19:30, Továrna, Prague, Czech Republic

12.10. Matouš Hejl & Martin Žárský

augemented piano and guitar, Atrium Žižkov, Prague

18.9. Chyba, premier

physical theater / new circus Vít Neznal & kolektiv, Jatka87, Prague, Czech Republic

28.8. anamnesis

Ostrava Days of New Music, 18:00, Triple Hall Karolina, Ostrava, Czech Republic

27.4. Plastics & Vibrations

improvised prepared piano set w. Vilhelm Bromander — bass Lilla Salen, KMH, Stockholm

27.2., 10.3. Havel, music essay, German version

Deutschlandradio Kultur Kurzstrecke 59

27.1. Exponential Joys, premiere of a new electronic composition

Czech Radio Premedice

15.1. Gallery AMU

15pm, multichannel electronic set


9., 10.10. At Land, music for a silent movie

Berg Orchestra, Spanish Synagogue Prague

15.11. Překlepy a přehmaty

Radio Vltava, radioplay premiere

21.4. Is But a Symbol of the Place

premiere, Concept Art Orchestra, Jazz Dock, Prague




Exponential Joys, Audiorama, Stockholm




A Group of Four, KammarensebleN, Stockholm




Anamnesis, Norbotten NEO, Stockholm

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václav havel, musikaufsatz



produced for Deutschlandradio Kultur - Kurzstrecke 59, 27.2.2017

based on a Czech/English version premiered at the Czech Radio Vltava

václav havel, musikaufsatz

václav havel, musikaufsatz

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